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I am a Canadian artist who lives and works in the Montreal area. I am a native Quebecer and a citizen of the world in my imagination. My works are part of a narrative approach to abstraction. From abstract painting to hybrid assemblies, my creations therefore use a contemporary approach to construct visual pleasures.


Last exposition 10 febuary 2007

New paintings
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New sculptures
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Artists in the Park

I have taught a sculpting workshop for the last two years in St-Viateur Park in Outremont, along with Michel Beaucage who handles the painting section. These workshops are open to everyone and are intended as an introduction to contemporary art. The event is an initiative of the Outremont Art Gallery, and will be held on June 18th and 19th this year.

Chicago Project

The project was to produce, with students from a Grade five class at the Lycée français de Chicago, a series of works using wood pieces that had already been cut out. These objects could be in the form of a sculpture, a wall sculpture or a brooch, according to each person’s inspiration.
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My latest exhibit

Le sens du vivant

An exhibition by Sylvain Bigras at the Outremont Art Gallery November 4 to 28, 2004 . Vernissage on Thursday November 4, 2004 , 17:30 to 19:30 . The artist will also be present on Sunday November 14, 2004 , 13:00 to 17:00 .


Sylvain Bigras has been part of Quebec ’s artistic landscape for the last fifteen years. His painting shows a world of figuration that conveys shapes that have been made over. On a visual quest, he designs a formal system all his own. His paintings describe his pleasures, his fancies and the passions that give life to his existence, while at the same time enriching his pictorial universe.


The «Le sens du vivant» exhibition showcases the artist’s most recent paintings. Of late, he has focused on designing murals and large-scale works.


«Abstract shapes as the object of narration, perspective as a structuring element of painting. The shapes tell their own story. When I paint a surface, the painting is built through fragments of ideas, rough drafts and invented theories. Playing with meaning and the pleasure of setting up the shapes present the painter as a narrator. That playing puts the life of the shapes on display and offers to reformulate expression with abstraction. Painting abstract shapes and invented theories in the sense and in the essence of the living ». That is how Sylvain Bigras’ process can be summarized.  


A 1987 graduate of UQAM in Plastic Arts, Sylvain Bigras was a laureate of the Moe Reinblat Foundation in 1986 and was awarded a bursary from the ‘fondation de soutien aux arts de Laval’ in 1987.  He has close to twenty solo and group exhibitions to his credit. His works are part of major private and public collections, including those located at the Quebec City Museum, City of Laval, Art Bank of the Canada Council for the Arts, Royal Bank of Canada, Transcontinental Group and Trizec.


The artist-painter is also a well-known craftsman. Charmed with happiness by the fantasy, humour and expression of his pictorial universe, his jewels, sculptures and wall plaques earned him the Jean Cartier Award at the ‘Salon des Métiers d’arts de Montréal’ in 1996.


Sylvain Bigras’ website: www.sylvainbigras.com


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